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Enhance your team by utilising all the benefits of what a military background can offer the commercial sector.

As an integral part of EDit (ex-Defence integration team), we offer the most comprehensive military to civilian career transition and integration program in Australia to exiting Defence personnel, to make them ‘Commercial Ready’ to transition smoothly into any non-Defence organisation.  This is achieved through helping them to fully understand how to articulate to you in ‘civvy speak’ how their military experiences complement a commercial environment, so you can easily see where and how they will fit into your organisation.

Defence people come with many great qualities that add tremendous value to any commercial environment.  To ensure a seamless transition for both the Defence person and the employer, we provide ongoing support to your Management team and formulate a plan on the best way to integrate a Defence person into your commercial environment as well as provide support to the employee.  An investment of a ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ can provide the platform for a much more harmonious work-place.  This service:

  • Increases productivity of the entire team
  • Improves communication
  • Minimises possible cultural differences during the transition phase
  • Gives Management and Employee a sounding board that understands both the Defence and Corporate environment

The EDit Group was established to provide enhanced training services (transition training and industry training) to exiting Defence members and also an effective conduit to employers who recognise the value of staff with a military background.

By using the EDit Group services, you not only take better advantage of the benefits offered by an ex-military member, but you also support the funding of the training provided, as 10% of all recruitment revenue is poured back into the EDit Group training funds to continue to help other Defence members in their transition.

From the EDit Group team, we thank you for your on-going support.

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