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EDIT (Ex-Defence integration team) is an Australian Not-For-Profit entity, providing employment opportunities through best-practice transition and integration solutions for ex-Defence members and families as part of a Veterans’ Employment Program.

Veterans (anyone who has served in the Australian Defence Forces) are extremely well trained to defend and protect our country, however they receive very little training to reintegrate back into civilian life.

The EDIT vision is to see more veterans in long-term meaningful civilian employment quicker and to break down the workplace cultural barriers to the commercial workplace through quality transition training, and also to collaborate in educating organisations on how best to integrate a veteran into a non-military workplace.

EDIT trains individuals to competitively contend for, obtain and maintain rewarding employment that reflects their true market value.  Having seen the positive benefits of how meaningful employment helps both psychologically and socially, and having also seen the opposite of what long-term unemployment can do, our tailored course and support services have been refined over the past 13 years to fill the gap.

Take advantage of the lessons the EDIT team have learned, through personal Defence transition experiences into the Public and Commercial sectors.  Use our post-Defence commercial employment experience as Business Owners, Managers, HR Managers, Recruiters, and Contractors to gain links to a wide range of veteran-friendly employers to help achieve your transition success.

The EDIT goals are to:

  • reduce the number of unemployed ex-Defence members and their partners immediately after discharge and more importantly after their next career change;
  • increase the commercial awareness of the benefits of hiring veterans;
  • Link exiting veterans to veteran-friendly employers; and
  • assist in reducing the veteran suicide rate.


The 4 Critical Steps to Employment Success

Changing jobs after your Defence career shouldn’t be too hard, right?  Why then do many people struggle to find employment, or end up take a low paying job just to pay the bills?  Why do we have a significantly higher veteran unemployment rate 13 months after discharge? It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Who can access EDIT services?

Exiting or ex-Defence members seeking employment.  How?

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Organisation seeking to hire ex-Defence members.   How?

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The numbers on the right represent facts that are not widely known when Defence members transition to a civilian career.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it takes three months on average to change jobs once you start sending your CV/Resume to employers.  How much time are you allowing?

  • Job Applications NOT Read by Employers 80% 80%
  • Employers Choose Cultural Fit over Qualifications 67% 67%
  • Change jobs again 12 months after leaving Defence 85% 85%
  • Our Customer Satisfaction Rating 97% 97%
  • Veteran Unemployment rate 13 months after discharge (national average is 5.4%) 30% 30%

Experience shows us that it takes longer than we think to secure a new job.  It has also become significantly more competitive than prior to joining up. The sad reality for many veterans is they end up in a job that represents far less than their true market value.  To short cut trial and error mistakes (that cost you time and money), and to realise your earning potential sooner, enroll now.

Find the new career you’re suited to, identify and understand how to demilitarise your military achievements, get a professional CV, have direct access to veteran-friendly employers and know how to promote yourself to competitively contend for commercial opportunities.

The EDit assistance was outstanding and greatly assisted me in securing an Off-shore job in the Oil and Gas Industry. Dave Piercy

Thanks to the support EDit gave me to write my CV and in interview training, now I love the IT Manager’s job I’m in. Jeff Manaley

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