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A 360 review is a professional feedback opportunity enabling a group of co-workers to provide feedback on an individual’s performance. It focuses directly on the skills and contributions that the individual makes to provide a balanced view of how others view their contribution and performance.

The goal is to identify what they do well in each area below (for encouragement) and also areas for improvement (for growth).

Provide examples where possible, as they allow your responses to remain in context. Your examples help to obtain a realistic and actionable picture of their performance.  Your answers will be combined with other feedback to allow a more complete 360 degree picture.

As some examples may be veru specific, we are unable to guarantee the confidentiality of your feedback.  

To help them understand a true reflection of their impact on others in the workplace, please provide answers to the following questions about your individual experience of the person in question. Type your responses directly over the question being asked below.

360 Review Form

Rate their leadership ability

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