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About EDIT

The Ex-Defence Integration Team (EDIT) is a Veteran-Owned, Australian Not For Profit organisation that supports Australian Defence Force members and their spouses to transition and integrate into the civilian community and the commercial workplace.

Established because EDIT staff personally know veterans who have unfortunately taken their own lives through suicide, due to their inability to successfully integrate back into life after Defence.  It is for this reason EDIT was formed – to help veterans (a veteran is anyone who has served in the ADF, regardless of overseas duty) achieve new career direction, understand the commercial value of their military experiences and know how to smoothly integrate into a non-military workplace.

As a result, we are passionate about helping our serving mates and their families, and we have the qualifications, Defence experience and commercial experience to help them to achieve transition success. This passion is consistent across all EDIT team members.

A veteran’s foundation is built on teamwork, innovation, loyalty, trust and integrity which are rare in the commercial workplace.  We educate commercial businesses that veterans are a valued asset in a commercial workforce if employed correctly.

We are best placed in understanding the hardship veterans and their families endure when stepping out into the commercial workplace, due to our own personal military experience, our associated transition experience and in assisting veterans and partners over the past 14 years.  It is the combination of our military and commercial experience, combined with the genuine passion, dedication and formal support services to help our serving mates that make it such a success. EDIT intends to break down the stigma that every veteran is broken to some degree and needs a hand out.

EDIT provides services across all states in Australia and New Zealand to ensure:

  • Veterans obtain the best civilian integration transition training possible.
  • Commercial organisations understand the positive benefits veterans bring to their team.
  • Organisations that hire veterans receive assistance in integrating them into their civilian team, to ensure cohesive operations from day one.
  • Industry qualifications are identified to assist in competitiveness.
  • More Australian jobs are filled (with priority given to the Australian Skills Shortage vocations) by highly adaptive veterans.
  • The cultural divide between Defence and Commercial is greatly reduced, through education and awareness.

EDIT boasts a capability of:

  • 200+ years military service
  • 100+ years commercial experience
  • 14 years as ADF-specific career transitions specialists and Defence recruiters
  • Assisted over 12000 exiting ADF members and partners with a 97% satisfaction rating
  • The ability to provide a range of comprehensive demographic reports on exiting veterans
  • A Defence-Specific Job Vacancy Portal available to all customers
  • Professional and Corporate members of the Career Development Association of Australia
  • Members of the Career Industry Council of Australia
  • Internationally Certified Professional Résumé Writers
  • Registered employment agency

The vision EDIT set out to achieve is to see more veterans in quality jobs and to break down the barriers to the commercial world through a better, more accurate understanding of the commercial value veterans bring to their organisation.