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What Services are provided by EDit? 


EDit services include a dedicated Defence transition enquiry line (1300 00 EDIT), formal courses and individual support.

Through a combination of formal training, individual one on one training and mentoring, EDit supports exiting and ex-Defence members and families to become ‘commercial ready’ and empowered to compete at a superior level on the open job market.  This training uses global best-practices to produce tangible results.

What makes EDit a superior transition service?

Not only is the EDit course tailored specifically to meet the contemporary needs of exiting Defence members, but more importantly the training is delivered by ex-Defence members who also have personally experienced and overcome the challenges of promoting military skills to commercial employers.  This combination of trainer understanding, empathy and course materiel is key to the future success of individuals completing our training.

The EDit training course covers:

  • Defining commercial skills and achievements from a military background.
  • Identify your new career path.
  • Promoting yourself through a written application (develop a CV and Cover Letter).
  • Promoting yourself through the complete message (cultural fit, verbal and body language, employer expectations).
  • Preparing and performing to compete (research, mock interview practice, revealing negatives, salary negotiation).
  • Employer connections (workplace mentoring and integration).

The above is an accredited course that will deem participants ‘Job-Ready’ or ‘Not yet Job-Ready’.

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