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EDit Support

How is EDit funded?

Being a Not for Profit entity, we rely on the financial support from external organisations.  Currently funding to assist ex-Defence members through the transition to a new career is through:

  • Proceeds from the sales of 3 Elements Coffee (3elements.coffee). 3 Elements (Navy, Army, Air Force) is a new brand of coffee which has recently hit the streets.
  • Returned transition training funds from Trans-Civ (transciv.com.au)

We also seek funding from government grants and donations from Industry. The goal is to provide all our services at no cost to the individual.

How can you support EDit?
  • Spread the word about EDit by telling your friends that finally there is a genuine organisation providing real transition and commercial workplace integration support that makes a difference to the future of our serving mates.
  • Buy 3 Elements coffee (it is really great coffee by the way – coming from a coffee snob) and tell everyone you know that sells coffee – www.3elements.coffee.
  • Purchase the song Sky, Land & Sea by Brodie McNally and Brad Button from iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/sky-land-and-sea-single/id1275960892.